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​When Static QR codes are better than Dynamic ones!
December 10th, 2015 10:41 pm     A+ | a-

Dynamic QR codes are great, they have loads of benefits including:
  • QR code scan statistics that tell you how often they are scanned, when they are scanned, the device types your customers are using and in what geo-graphical location they are when they scan them
  • You can change the destination of the QR code, without having to change the code itself; so you can use your printed marketing materials for as long as you like while keeping your shared content current
  • As Dynamic QR codes usually use a “URL Shortener” they need to encode a lot less information, making them simpler, easier to scan and more attractive to your customers  
So, I hear you ask ... if Dynamic QR codes are so good, why would you ever use a Static QR code?

Well, unfortunately one of the key enabling features of dynamic QR codes is also its biggest weakness - dynamic QR codes only hold a link to the information you wish to share NOT the information itself. In order for the link to work, the customer’s mobile phone must be connected to the internet (mobile internet or Wi-Fi).

OK, so mobile internet access has improved massively over the last few years but as we all know there are “black holes” even in areas where there is good mobile coverage.

But don’t worry, your customers experience can be easily managed by following a few simple guidelines:
  • If you are only sharing a small piece of information like a phone number or postal address and you are not interested in how many times that information is being accessed; use a static code
  • Consider providing your customers free access to Wi-Fi – they’ll really value the free Wi-Fi and it will ensure your QR codes will work for them
  • Include the information you wish to share in a human readable form near the QR code; better still, include it in your call to action such as ... “scan the QR code or call 01234 56789”
Finally, even website addresses shared as static QR codes work well in most QR code readers; if the scanner is connected to the internet, they can open the web page directly, if not the QR code reader will give you the option to store it for later.
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