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How QR codes can help drive mobile engagement
November 26th, 2015 8:43 pm     A+ | a-
To many people, QR codes are just a quick way to get mobile users to access their website. Yes, this is one important use for QR codes but is only just the beginning!

In order to fully understand how you can use QR codes to engage your mobile customers, let’s go back to basics for a moment...

The primary advantage of a QR code is that they make accessing information through a mobile device easy because they remove the need to type anything in on a touch screen or tiny keypad; and as with all sales and marketing activities, the easier it is to engage, the more engagement you will get.

So, use QR codes wherever you can to make life easy for your customers ... there are loads of different QR code types to play with, here are a few you may be less familiar with:

Phone number QR: share a phone number. Scanning this type of QR code will prompt your customer to give you a call (or store the number for later). Perhaps a customer service number or a help line:– a great way to give your customers immediate support right when they need it.

Plain text QR: for whenever you want to share some simple text, maybe an address, a recipe or voucher code.

SMS message QR: get your customers to sign up for SMS text alerts, special offers or donate through their mobile using this QR code type. Use a QR code alongside your SMS campaign such as “To get your deal-of-the-week TEXT : ‘opt-in’ TO: 1234 or scan this QR code ...”

Pre-filled email QR: these QR codes, open the phones email client, creates an email, pre-fills it with some text you’ve written and puts your chosen email address in the “to:” address field! A great “low friction” way to get customers to sign-up to an email list! [Hint: make sure the pre-filled text contains a suitable opt-in statement].

Dropbox or YouTube QR: between them, these two types of QR code allow you to share pretty much any type of content you like! A video, image, brochure, data sheets, you name it, you can share it.

Have a play ... the best way to explore what these types of QR code can do for your marketing efforts is to give it a go. These types are all available at QRzing.com (even on the free plan) and other QR code providers.
OK, one last word ... It is possible that many of you mobile customers may also think of QR codes as “just a link to a website”. So it’s really important that when using a QR code, you provide a clear call to action; make your customers want to scan your QR code and tell them what they will get in return for their effort.

A clear call to action is a simple way to improve engagement with your mobile customers; for more hints like this and other QR code marketing best practices, you might like to check out this blog post... https://qrzing.com/blog/10-qr-code-marketing-best-practices.html
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