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QR Codes in the classroom
April 27th, 2016 8:49 pm     A+ | a-

QR codes are everywhere these days. You find them on the back of your cereal box, on large billboards and even in the logos of companies. But how can they be used in the classrooms to improve students’ engagement?

QR Codes in Education
QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can be scanned using smartphones, tablets, laptops or any other QR reading devices. They redirect users to articles, websites, videos, podcasts and other learning resources. The QR technology makes education more engaging and exciting for students. Every educator knows that students love to learn through technology. Many schools have already started incorporating QR codes into their education system. So let's take a look at how QR codes can be used to increase student interactivity and engagement.

Creating a QR Code Scavenger Hunt
QR code scavenger hunts are the biggest hits when it comes to student engagement. Teachers can hide different questions on a topic in QR codes and place them in different parts of the school. The students have to find them and solve a puzzle to answer the questions.
The students love to move around and be an active part of learning. They love to actively engage in problem solving. Scavenger hunts using QR codes not only add technology to the learning process but also make it more fun.

Hiding Exercise Questions and Answers behind QR Codes
QR codes can be very effective in keeping answers hidden if the teacher does not want students to see them immediately. A teacher can divide students into pairs and keep some QR codes in front of them. The QR codes will have questions hidden into them. This will keep students excited and reduce the chances of cheating.

Attaching Book Reviews or Relevant Materials behind Books
This is an effective strategy and has been used by school librarians. A QR code can be added to the back of the book and the student who uses it next just has to scan the QR code to read the book’s review. Links to all kinds of relevant content, including text, audio and video about the book can be added. It makes reading a shared practice and increases student engagement.

Improving School’s Virtual Learning Environment
Students like to collaborate on projects virtually. A school’s virtual learning environment can be improved using the QR codes. A science teacher can record all her experiments and using QR codes, can make it display on the wall of science lab for reference to teachers and students. 

Simplify Access to Important Materials 
QR codes can be used to make students’ access to learning materials very easy. Many students do not complete the homework due to lost workshhets; using QR codes, students can easily access worksheets from anywhere.

Oh but I can hear it now ... "Sorry Sir, the dog ate my QR code!"
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