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Advanced Features: Professional package

Detailed QR code analytics

Understand how customers are using your QR codes and engaging with your brand.

See how often your codes are being scanned, at what time of day, in which locations and on what devices.

Editable QR codes

Stay in control of your QR codes
and save money!

Change the destination of your QR code as often as you like without having to reprint your QR codes.

All the QR codes you'll ever need!

You get unlimited dynamic and Static QR codes with our Professional package.

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Standard Features ... even on our FREE 'Starter' package!

Unlimited QR code scans

Why should you pay more just because your QR codes are popular?

All our QR codes come with unlimited scans.

QR codes that never expire

Our QR codes never expire ... ever!

Even if you stop using one of our paid plans you can keep 10 QR codes for FREE ... Forever!

No adverts or bridging pages

Our aim is to get your customers to the information they need as quickly as possible.

That's why we don't display adverts, use bridging pages or try and sell them stuff on the way!

Dynamic QR codes at no extra cost

We want you and your customers to have the best possible QR code experience.

Dynamic QR codes are smaller, easier to scan, editable and provide full scan analytics.. so use them!

Lots of QR code types to choose from

Instantly create QR codes that will engage your customers.

Choose from over a dozen types of QR code including Facebook likes, web page shares, Twitter feed links.

Easy to use web dashboard

Our easy to use dashboard makes managing and monitoring your QR codes performance a breeze.

No software to install - Log in from anywhere in the world through any web enabled device.

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