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What is a QR code?

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that holds information that can be easily read by any mobile device with a built-in camera.

QR codes or ‘Quick Response codes’ are the fastest way for mobile users to access content on their phones and now that QR code scanners are built into the operating system of nearly every phone, scanning them is easier than ever!

How do I create a QR code?

You can create your own QR code in 3 simple steps …

1. Choose the type of information you wish to share

You can create a QR code to share a webpages URL, Wi-Fi network details, a phone number, an email, some text, a location, a social media profile and many more.

Please remember, static QR codes cannot be edited and are not trackable – dynamic QR codes are always recommended for professional use. Find out more about dynamic QR codes here ...

2. Enter the information you wish to share

For example, if you chose to generate a Wi-Fi QR code - enter the Wi-Fi networks name (SSID), the Wi-Fi network encryption type (WPA, WEP or None) and the password.

When you’re done, click the ‘Generate QR Code’ button and your new QR code will then be created for you.

3. Test and Download your QR code

Finally, scan the newly created QR code with your mobile phone to check that it works and you’re ready to download and start sharing it.

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What types of QR code are there?

There are two different types of QR code available, these are known as Static QR codes and Dynamic QR codes. While Static and Dynamic QR codes my look very similar, their underlying technology and typical uses are very different.

What is a Static QR code?

A static QR code in the basic form of QR code; it holds all the information that the creator wishes to share with the user who scans it, within the QR code itself. As a result, the more information you wish to share using a static QR code, the more black and white dots that are needed – making the QR code larger, more complex and difficult to read with a mobile camera.

The biggest drawback of static QR codes is that, once a Static QR code has been created the information shared within it cannot be changed!

So, if you were to create a static QR code to share a page on your website and then decided to change your webpages URL, you would need to reprint all your signs, product packaging and marketing materials just to update your website address! Thankfully, this can be avoided by using a 'Dynamic QR code'.

For this reason, Dynamic QR codes are always recommended for professional use wherever possible. Find out more about dynamic QR codes here ...

What is a Dynamic QR code?

In contrast, dynamic QR codes don’t hold the shared information within the QR code itself, but instead hold a link to a web based service, such as, that holds the required information on behalf of the creator of the QR code. As a result, the information can be easily updated at any time without needing to change the QR code itself. For this reason, dynamic QR codes are often referred to as editable QR codes and are the recommended option for professional users.

Another big advantage of Dynamic QR codes is that dynamic QR codes are trackable; the QR code service provider can easily count how many times a code has been scanned and the stored information accessed, as well as when, where and what type of device was used to scan the QR code.

If you are in business or a marketer, this information is invaluable in helping to understand what your customers are looking for and how they are engaging with your brand and the information you have provided.

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Can you edit a QR code?

Sometimes – it depends on the type of QR code.

Dynamic QR codes can be edited but unfortunately static QR codes cannot be edited once they has been created. There is more information about the different types of QR codes above.

For this reason, Dynamic QR codes are always recommended for professional use wherever possible. Find out more about dynamic QR codes here ...

Can I generate QR codes for free?

Yes, you can generate an unlimited number of static QR codes for free when using our free QR code generator – no sign up needed.

If you choose to sign up to our free ‘Starter’ package (no credit card needed), you’ll be able to easily save, share and access your QR codes at any time.

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Don’t worry, as a thank you for giving QRzing Professional a try, your dynamic QR code will continue to work forever – even if you choose not to upgrade after the 14 days. (You just won’t be able to access the QR code analytics or edit the QR code).

Who invented the QR code?

QR codes were originally created by Denso Wave Incorporated (a subsidiary of the Toyota Automotive group) in 1994 to store information about automotive components while they were being manufactured. Since then, they have found a far wider use to share information such as a website address, telephone number or business card information.      QR code generator     Scan analytics     Management dashboard

"QR code" is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated