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What is a website QR Code?

A website QR code brings readers to your website or a unique landing page. These QR Codes are useful for digital signs, banners, posters, newsletters, and other printed materials. Users may access your website in a matter of seconds by just scanning the QR Code.

A website QR code is sometimes called a URL QR code. To create a Website QR code, you only needs to copy and paste your websites URL address into the QR code generator above; this will create a QR code that anyone may scan with a smartphone device, and they will be immediately linked to your page.

How do I create a Website QR code?

The QRzing Website QR code generator makes it easy to get your QR code up and running within seconds and only four simple steps ...

1. Choose the 'Web' QR code type

In the QR code generator above, select the type of QR code you wish to generate. In this case we are going to create a Website QR Code. There are many other QR code types available, including QR Codes for LinkedIn, Instagram, and Wi-Fi login details.

2. Copy and paste the URL for your website

From your browser, copy the URL for your website including the 'https://' or 'http://' bit and paste it into the QR code generator.

3. Decide if you want your Website QR code to be 'Dynamic'

Dynamic QR codes have several advantages over traditional 'static' QR codes - the shared information can be changed or updated at a later date, the finished QR code is typically much smaller, prettier and easier to scan, and every time a dynamic QR code is scanned you can see where, when and on what device it was scanned with our scan analytics.

Dynamic QR codes are FREE with - just sign up for our free 'Starter' account. Sign up for free dynamic QR codes here!

If you'd like your QR code to be Dynamic, simply move the 'Make you QR code Dynamic?' switch to 'Yes'.

Please note: QR code analytics and the editing of dynamic QR codes requires a paid 'QRzing Professional' account. To make your QR code 'future-proof' we suggest you use our free dynamic codes for everything and just upgrade you account to professional if you need to later.

4. Press the ‘Create QR code’ button

Finally, press the ‘Create QR code’ button and your QR code will be generated for you. Now you can test your newly created QR code by scanning it with your phone to ensure it works correctly. Your QR Code is now available for download in the necessary PNG, JPG, PDF or EPS format.

Website QR code FAQs:

How can a QR code be made to launch a website?

Simply point your mobile phones camera at the QR code and follow the onscreen instructions, within one or two seconds a web browser will open and the website will be displayed.

How can a QR code be made for a link?

You may create a QR code for a link by pasting the link (or URL) into the website QR code generator above. Then, you can choose between a static and dynamic QR code to change your URL for various campaigns.

Where should I use my Website QR code?

QR codes are a 'mobile thing' so use them wherever you'd like to interact with your customers, users or followers. Use your website QR code widely on all your digital and printed media including digital signs, banners, posters, adverts and newsletters.      QR code generator     Scan analytics     Management dashboard

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